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Re: Rosslyn or Roslin

Dear Sinclair:
Without my tables in front of me, I beleive the Wedderburns inherited
Rosslyn  through the female St. Clair  line and adopted the appellation St.
Clair Erskine.
In those days, inheriting through the female line didn't really count but
today, it counts more and more as for example, the Canadian Heraldic
Authority has declared since its inception that all arms are heritable by
both males and females.  An idea whose time has perhaps has come?

Rory in Toronto.

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> Thank you, John the article is most informative.  "...the village of
> (different spelling, same origin: a Celtic name, meaning the waterfall by
> the rocky promontory) ... The article
> also states "These barons are the St Clair family, who have owned the

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