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Re: shameless self-bumphing

Dear Rory,

Wow! What a setting for a good set of pipes!

Was the disbelieving guy to the right, one of your friends or an amazed 
passer by?

Most delighted to see the face of one of our Canadian kin. My son will be 
over in Montreal this month for a conference accompanied by his wife. Very 
delayed honeymoon, so I hope you are all as welcoming.


At 10:41 PM 3/05/02 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear list:
>I have finally made the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)  Canada's
>A photojournalist wanted to film people at work and sometimes, if they had 2
>careers, making a photo that had both in it.
>Ann Bayin is one of Canada's best photographers and she heard about and did
>Take a look at the link:

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