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Re: Pike, Spock and the like

Dear John

Thank you for the information. Rory has stated it was Nathan Bedford Forrest
who started the KKK.     Do you know anything about Albert Pike? When and
where are the earliest Masonic Charters? Can William be tied in in any way
to Modern Freemasonry? Thanks to Rory and Neil.  Not being a Mason I only
peek under the cover.  Mel in South Carolina has supplied some information
but a secret society must be open only to members. If anyone can tell me
more without comprising their oaths (?)  I am all ears. I would be
especially interested in deMolay youth lodges.

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Albert Pike did not found the KKK.

Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock) is Jewish and got the "V" sign from turning around
as a child and watching the Rabbi make the signs.

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