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Re: Loch Norman Games (near Charlotte, NC, USA)

Dear Mel,
Hope all goes well with your tents at the forthcoming games. For Australia 
the  Gatherings have about finished down  this end as we move into Autumn. 
At least the Ringwood Gathering was fine, but Berwick rained, Maryborough 
blew and Daylesford was cold. I am talking about the climate, not the 
people. They were warm and the competitions and the piping were good.


>This will be our first, and to my knowledge, the first for Clan Sinclair at
>these games.  They have a good reputation and I understand that in 2001 it
>did not rain.  Hmmmm.
>FYI, we will also have a tent at the Grandfather Mt. (NC) Games
>(http://www.gmhg.org/), July 11-14 and the
>Charleston (SC) Highland Games and Scottish Gathering
>(http://www.charlestonscots.com/csghg/) September 21.
>We would love to see you!

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