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Re: Jeff's New Article


I'm quite certain you would not wish for me to take up the charge of
reviewing your work in the Sinclair list. Your other candidates are more
literate than I am, anyway. (If anyone wishes to consult re an esoteric 2nd
opinion I could manage a fast idea or two.) Even if I presented something
"straight"-forward the clan'd hoot me out at first line just because I'm
known as weird... band-pass filters would cut in by the second line. I can
take whatever flack I get on my own stuff but not for others' works. It
might be better accepted from a Mason, putting it in that box; I'm too far
into the Twilight Zone.

I read the piece and I like it. I'm now quite interested in the incident and
flag: number of stars, etc., and also the golden ratio possibly being used
in it. I can also view/analyze that specific flag with a deeper code now, as
I ordinarily do the other nations', seeing them all within a synergic whole.
However I just can't shake out the time for a deep review which it deserves,
sorry 'bout that. I'm in a retreat mode and even so I'm having too many
situations demanding time.

I can insert one idea into the brew, for "meditation-with-seed" as it were.
Assume that the golden ratio separates the "seen" temporal universe
(red-white stripes as "teleplanes"/realities) and the blue stellar field as
the "Real."  The areas of interface (sewn seams) would be Selah fields
keeping the "fabric" of nonlinear time/realities together. The inverted "V"
would be a conic dynamic (harmonic rings) inserting Spirit into the temporal
field(s). IF SO, than that point of the V-inverted... its apex... becomes a
spot requiring mathematical/musical interpretation (which I couldn't do in
any event). If this approach is taken, then it might be productive to use
all the stripes, or combinations, in one line to create a standing-wave
fundamental... the V's measurement may provide the frequency cycle. A chord
could be developed with line combinations: longs, shorts, reds, whites, box
enclosing the stars. Also look for circumferences of major circles. Be alert
for golden ratio, both phi and phi squared, to use in finding a base
fundamental line.

RE the Sinclair cock I think that its correlation with the brood-hen is
important. The "hen and its brood-of-12" is contained in the word
lin/linn/lyn as is line, lion, etc. (Ref Dwelly's Gaelic to English) With
this emphasis we can work with Ros (Rose) Lyn (Line) and a zodiacal temple's
wheel stretched into a line or Druid's Cord (12 knots and the hidden 13th).
The cock in this sequencing "fertilizes" the brood of 12, downloading its
"Chant-au-clair" codes from the Sun or first creation flow of the day. The
Sun/Zodiacal Temple dynamics would then expand into the grail, etc. or
"Committing Thy Work to God."  The circle of 13 stars would be convenient
but with 15 one would need to shift to Hebrew, in my experience with the
Templars and probably including the musical code again.

Regrets and 500 gomanasies,


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