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Loch Norman Games (near Charlotte, NC, USA)

Cousins and friends,
We will have a Sinclair Tent at the upcoming Loch Norman Highland Games,
April 19-21.  If you are in the neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina,
USA, please stop by and see us.  Lynne, granddaughter Kailey (pronounced
Ceilidh), and I will be at the tent.  For more information, check their
website at:


This will be our first, and to my knowledge, the first for Clan Sinclair at
these games.  They have a good reputation and I understand that in 2001 it
did not rain.  Hmmmm.

FYI, we will also have a tent at the Grandfather Mt. (NC) Games
(http://www.gmhg.org/), July 11-14 and the
Charleston (SC) Highland Games and Scottish Gathering
(http://www.charlestonscots.com/csghg/) September 21.

We would love to see you!

Yours Aye,

Mel Sinclair
North and South Carolina Commissioner
Clan Sinclair, USA, Inc.
Email: melsinclair1@yahoo.com

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