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Re: TLC Special, "The Ark of the Covenant"

Thanks for your comments. The Special made reference to the Egyption arks
being first, and suggested that the technology was obtained in Egypt, just
as you explained. This was a new concept for me. The researchers first went
to Ethiopia, where they have claimed possession of the ark for centuries, as
I was well aware. Then they traveled to Roslin. They seemed much more
impressed by their results there. The atmosphere at Roslin is quite unique.
I have never been, but have seen many pictures, and videos, inside and out.
If there are arks, in the sealed lower chambers of Roslin would be a likely
place of keeping.

Thanks again,

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>The fact that so many arks exist is not so suprising.
>As contentious as it sounds; 'the Ark of the covenant' being the house of
>God, is one of the last arks recorded.
>When it was built, there were already many Egyptian arks housed for the

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