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Re: TLC Special, "The Ark of the Covenant"

As the grandson of yet another Henry Sinclair, I have followed with interest  
the give-and-take regarding "Prince" Henry's voyage, the Ark of the Covenant, 
the Lewisburg cannon, the Wexford Knight, and the Newport tower.  This has 
caused me to wonder about another New World mystery, the "Oak Island 
Treasure" (look this up through a search engine).

Legend has it that Captain Kidd's pirates buried some of their treasure on 
Oak Island, and in spite of monumental efforts for more than 100 years, it 
has never been recovered.  I believe a great effort is currently underway to 
retrieve it if indeed it exists..

I don't believe the Captain Kidd legend because pirates would not have 
expended the vast amount of labor needed to dig the money pit, expecially 
because there was no way for them to retrieve the treasure for themselves.  
Rather, I am wondering whether  the treasure was buried much earlier, perhaps 
by Vikings or Orkneyans.  Maybe the treasure is the Ark of the Covenant or 
maybe it is the Templar treasure.

Anybody know anything about this?  Please don't send a message saying the pit 
excavation has been dated by the Carbon 14 method to be 200 years old.  That  
would ruin my fantasy.

Harold in Kansas City
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