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RE: TLC Special, "The Ark of the Covenant"

The fact that so many arks exist is not so suprising.
As contentious as it sounds; 'the Ark of the covenant' being the house of
God, is one of the last arks recorded.
When it was built, there were already many Egyptian arks housed for the
particular god in their city temples.
I suggest that we view the Hebrew Ark, as appropriation of the Egyptian Ark
practices inter alia with circumcision etc.
Most people are myopic about the Ark of the OT being the one and only, and
inferring that it was the first!
Neither is correct.  The ark we revere came out of Egypt by exodus amongst
the ideas and knowledge Moses and others had obbtained there!
In fact there were probably many, many arks going around in Egypt over time.
Sometimes referred to as a boat in which for example; Ra was housed, as he
sailed across the heavens during the day in the form of the sun.

Note the link of the ark to a boat!  Remind you of Noah's ark?

However with that said, I have not seen the documentary, nor am I aware of
these particular arks, mysteriously referred to.

A suggestion could be that they are replicas made during christain periods,
they were obtained by christains as when they occupied and stole everything
in Egyopt and the Holy lands.
My thoughts on the subject.

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