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Re: My web page

Donald, your story reminds me of my snorkling in the Carribean.  I met
face-to-face with a grouper that was bigger than I.  We took one look at
each other, turned 'bout, and swam as fast as we could in opposite

My father was quite a character.  In an attempt to protect his dog from a
snake (water moccasin?), Dad grabbed the snake by the tail, it bit him on
the finger.  Daddy ended up in the hospital and recovered, but the snake
died.  Once, Dad was checking his trout lines and found two sharks, one
lively and healthy, the other was dead.  Dad cut loose the dead one and
called Sea Arama to let them know there was a live shark for them to pick up
for their exhibit.  One problem--Daddy did not tell Sea World about the dead
shark.  The SeaArama man arrived at the trout line, got out of the boat and
approached the live shark.  A passing boat caused a wake that made the dead
shark rise out of the water.  Daddy said he never saw a man get back in a
boat so fast.

In his last years, Dad could not hunt or fish.  So he collected aluminum
cans for recycling.  A long story, but he really enjoyed it when he would go
to the beach and cute, bikini-clad girls (who thought he was a street
person) would approach him and give him a dollar.  Little did they know this
scruffy fellow had an income and a nice home up in Houston!  :-)


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> Adrian, Great pictures, you are lucky to have them.
> The one of Buzz riding the shark reminds me of last week in the Cayman
Islands. I was free diving about 90 yards offshore in about 25 feet of water
when I spied a sea turtle. I have heard stories of people riding the turtles

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