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Re: My web page

Just off the top of my head, he was a career army officer and retired as a
Colonel.  His father was a Colonel (civil war) and fought for the North; he
moved to Galveston/Houston after the war.  My grandfather m. 8-24-18 Mary
LUFKIN VAN ALSTYNE.  He and his family traveled a lot because of his career
and did not spend more than a year in one location (during my father's
childhood) until they returned to Galveston when Dad was around 15 years old

My p. grandfather served in the Spanish-American War, the Philippine
Insurrection and WW I.  Perhaps more.  His wife went with him to the
Philippines with their baby.  She stayed in a tent on one of the islands,
guarded by soldiers, while he went off to fight (this is according to my
mother).  She was one tough woman...

Forgive the unorganized smattering of info.  I really have been focusing on
my mother's side of the family.  If specific information is wanted, I can
delve into my data, or I can give you our SINCLAIR genealogist's address.


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> Dear Mr Balch
> What can you tell us about Col. William Stanley Sinclair?
> Sinclair

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