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Re: My web page

Adrian, Great pictures, you are lucky to have them. 

The one of Buzz riding the shark reminds me of last week in the Cayman Islands. I was free diving about 90 yards offshore in about 25 feet of water when I spied a sea turtle. I have heard stories of people riding the turtles by holding onto the shell. Well, I swam down to my would be ride, he turned, strectched out his neck, and opened his mouth toward me. I left a wake in the water swiming back to shore, glancinig behind to see if I was the hunter or the hunted.

How unlucky I was to go from 85 degrees and sun in Grand Cayman last Friday afternoon, to here in Indianapolis at midnight the same night was 15 degrees in a time span of 6 hours. Yes, I'm still cold.

Donald Sinclair, Indianapolis
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