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Re: are we to meet on the first day of the week?

Truly, the Internet is a valuable resource for finding answers.

For those interested in this topic I would suggest visiting:

I hope this helps you, Dorothy.

Jerry Gibbons

Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 19:24:42 -0500
From: Dorothy Gifford <dgiff245@comcast.net>
Subject: Jesus

Hi all,
  I am looking for some help with a question. I can not find any where in
the New Testament  that says we are to meet on the first day of the week
(church). All I know is example and Jesus rising from the dead on the first
day of the week.
I would appreciate any thoughts you might have.
Thank you all,
  Dorothy Sinclair Gifford

I know this isn't a specific Sinclair question.

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