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Norse/Viking presence in Greenland

Doug said:
I'm not sure what you mean here. There were Norse in Greenland until the
end of the 16th century, with *English* ships probably sailing there
until 1480 or maybe a bit later.  They were cut off from Iceland and
Norway though, in part by English pirate.

Hi Doug - OK - I see I leave myself open when quoting another author -
in this case Daniel Boorstein in "Discoverers".  I suppose his
interpretation was that Leif Eriksson's band had broken up and return
whence they came. He also said that that particular group was
unprepared(?) to deal with the skrealings. If between worsening weather,
loss of income and indian depredations, the settlement broke up - yeah,
I can believe that.  That there were no settlers, I should know better,
just by reading the book list put out by the Hakluyt Society of papers
written on explorers of that time.
As an archeologist - what in that field has been done to validate the
presence of people from western civilizations in
Greenland/Newfoundland/Canada between 1369 forward to say 1700?  My
reading needs to catch up with my 'mouth' <grin> Sally

Ships - looking at the pictures of Viking ships, provided by the very
nice website, I note that the members seem bent into place. Nice long
troughs of hot water to soften and steam timber to fit.  Yes?  Rather
difficult task in a rough and ready way in the new world?  Sally

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