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Re: Norse/Viking presence in Greenland

Hi Sally,

Friday, March 22, 2002, 3:03:34 PM, you wrote:


>As an archeologist - what in that field has been done to validate the
>presence of people from western civilizations in
>Greenland/Newfoundland/Canada between 1369 forward to say 1700? My
>reading  needs to catch up with my 'mouth'

Amateur archaeologist only, and my digging days are probably past,
although maybe retirement will bring time for research. You really
should read Kirsten Seaver's excellent book The Frozen Echo, Greenland
and the Exploration of North America, ca. A.D. 1000-1500.

> Ships - looking at the pictures of Viking ships, provided by the very
> nice website, I note that the members seem bent into place. Nice long
> troughs of hot water to soften and steam timber to fit.  Yes?  Rather
> difficult task in a rough and ready way in the new world?  Sally

I think they used green wood, but I have no idea how much ship
building went on in Greenland. There's no evidence for ship building
in North America of course (I think Tim has some other solution for
Henry getting back rather than building ships?).


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