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Re: Viking Pine and St Margaret's birth place

Hello Sinclair,
Gabriel Romay wrote a book, "The Lost King of England", which details the
life of Edward the Exile, father of St. Margaret. (Laurel brought this to my
attention).He says Hungary.
She was not related to St. István, King of Hungary.
I have even seen a Hungarian history claim they are father/daughter..
For a peek at her line , go to www.dcs.hull.ac.uk/
This line is the same that Romay has in his book.
Lest anyone feel slighted about the loss of St. Stephen, Margaret did have a
Saint for an ancestor, Saint Matilda, who's feast is March 14.
By the way, this makes at least 4 Saints in the Sinclair tree, if my
connections are correct.
Thanks for posting the French version of the family.
Take care, Kevin

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