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Re: Viking Pine and St Margaret's birth place

I do not know much about building a ship.  I thought that overlapping the
planks was what is meant by clinker built.

Can you elaborate on the carvel method?

Does any one know any thing about St Margaret's birth place.  The references
I have found say in equal numbers that she was born in Wessex or Hungary.
Her marriage document says Wessex.

I have recreantly received an email in which an amateur historian stated
that no serious historian could possible believe that she was born in
England.  I have found a number of references from  well known professional
historians who think that she was born in England.  I guess that they are
not serious.


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> Actually, I believe; though I could be wrong, that Viking ships were
> "clinker" built, which means they built the shell first & then inserted
> ribbing. This was the common method of ship construction until the 15th
> century when the "carvel" method became the norm. Considering the date of

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