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Henry's Voyage


Thanks for the come-back, I appreciate it. People in this list should
understand that we are not glaring across the table at each other; I respect
your work and enjoy it and I value the memories of our few times together
breaking bread. I also respect your own view of the more mystical although I
naturally adhere to my own base of experience. This includes the use of
"nonlinear" time which is always changing and that tends to diminish my
reliance on recorded history in the extant physical levels.

In my own drive to understand the specialized Templar "Reshel" grid and
associated dynamics I am even setting aside most of contemporary esoteric
writing. My path is toward trying to understand the presently accelerating
"ascension" vector, that goal including the Templar/Masonic focus as I view
it. Thus in some ways this restricts my activity but in others its greatly
expanded, more than I can handle in my marginal physical condition. Y'pays
yer money and y'takes yer choice, it all evens out in 10,000 years. In any
event it keeps me entertained in the idle hour.

I expect that between us and others we are covering most of the bases:
something for everyone.

Blessings on you and your work...


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