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Re: Wick Heritage Centre

I have been in touch with Bill Fernie at Caithness.org. He agreed to post the 
story of the Heritage Centre on the General Board and tells me that folks are 
all ready starting to post messages there. When I went to Wick, I wanted to 
walk where my grandfathers had walked. But just as importantly, I wanted to 
see how they lived. I don't think that would have been possible without the 
Heritage Centre. I think that all those descended from Wickers would want to 
see a recreation of the old days and the old ways. An added bonus for me was 
meeting Mrs. Sinclair MacDonald who told me of the history of Hempriggs 
House. While Girnigoe and Noss Head is a must see for the Sinclair Clan, it 
is a relative quite place, except for the wind and seabirds. One cannot ask a 
question to the massive stone walls. The Heritage Centre is filled with 
volunteers that are as friendly and knowledgeable as you'll find. Please 
visit the General Board at Caithness.org to support these fine Caithness 

Donald Sinclair, Indianapolis
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