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Re: Wick Heritage Centre

Dear all

Having been guided through the Wick Heritage Centre by Iain Sutherland, I 
wish to go on record to say it was the most interesting Local History 
Museum we visited on our trip. t would be  a great loss to the town of Wick 
and to Caithness if it closed. It would be a great loss to the knowledge of 
the area if Iain were to disassociate himself from it. Niven Sinclair 
arranged the visit but Iain was an excellent guide and host.

Surely we Scots of the scattered Clans can rouse a protest to the 
appropriate body to urge them to remove this punitive charge?

Jean Sinclair Stokes.

>The society is to meet to discuss the situation early next week.
>Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross MSP Jamie Stone yesterday described the
>proposed changes to the lease as “ludicrous”.

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