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RE: twins

Dear Judy,
Did you lose both babies or just the suspected twin?  I am interested as we 
had twin Grandsons,and the elder died from a bacterial infection 12 hours 
after birth. We have often wondered how the survivor feels without his twin 
(at 5 he is a bit young to ask) and I wonder if you have a survivor,if he 
or she is aware of that loss.

At 08:28 AM 11/03/02 -0700, you wrote:
>Finally someone realized that to follow the twins notion they would have 
>to just trace the sinclair girls...
>(My cousin carried twins and miscarry one early on without knowing she had 
>twins and I think that happened with
>(myself on last pregnacy, at the age of 39 which everyone in the family 
>still laughing about)
>as always judy
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