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Re: Rex Deus

One of the observations that I derived from the book and elsewhere is what
the authors reference as a new positive wave of free individual thinking
about religious matters and a new era where spiritual approaches are
replacing the established approaches to dogmatic thinking. Published in 2000
and before 9/11/01 the book is a testament to the ability of man seeking
knowledge including esoteric wisdoms to address his approaches to the world.
There is a reverse truth as well which has come since the book was written
which is that evil is to be found in the fountains of ignorance that spawn
intolerance, hate and terror.

Mankind is embarked on a war again of ideologies, of dogma and
fundamentalists on the one hand and ' light and knowledge on the other'. It
is a battle as old as the world, and makes Rex Deus important to appreciate
and illuminates the day of infamy only 6 months ago today.

Salutes to the clan in Nova Scotia

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