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Re: Rex Deus

Greetings Cousins All;

I spent an enjoyable day curled up in my little corner of our breakfast nook
reading Rex Deus by Marilyn Hopkins, Graham Simmans & our Tim Wallace
Murphy. In its 300 pages it covers many of the topical issues on this list
including what happened to the Templars in a summary fashion that is
logical, insightful and perceptive. It has new insights into the St Clairs
and the contribution they made toward the preservation of esoteric
traditions and for all Freemasons, contributing insights that correspond
with understanding to this culture which I found to be accurate and
appreciative of the foggy history of this culture.

But as with the book on Rosslyn Guardian of the Secrets of the Holy Grail;
the real kudos I extend to the authors comes with an insightful approach to
theology, religion, philosophy or what some call theosophy which is both
courageous and illuminating to anyone with an open mind. It stands out as a
credit to authors that are "pilgrims" searching for theophilosophical truth.

A must to read for those on the list and worth a rereading for those that
have already read it. Extend my appreciation to your co-authors Tim.
Neil Sinclair Toronto

Rex Deus
by Marilyn Hopkins, Graham Simmans & Tim Wallace Murphy
isbn 1 86204 834 7 Element Books Limited 2000

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