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Re: Re[2]: The Henry Voyage

Subj: a minor correction to one of Sinclairs' comments.

Greetings Bro-Sinclair,

I should probably expand on a remark you made:

"Questions are much easier to formulate the cogent answers. Wallace-Murphy
and Bro Bill from two completely different perspectives have answered with a
united chorus that proof absolute is not available."

I concur that Wallace-Murphy and I are certainly at far distant poles but
that's ok. He bases "truth" on historical "fact" and I do not find much
truth in history. I use what I believe to be valid spiritual sources in the
"Akashic" or "Book of Life" (or whatever term is useful at the time). I
don't ignore history but I simply do not trust it. I have experienced enough
para-normal phenomena ("miracles") to have very little patience with
academicians' inability to come up with the kind of answers that would
explain levitation or a 500 million year old fossilized bootprint. (I do
like good dentists and surgeons when absolutely necessary and academicians
often make good drinking buddies.) I am trying in my old age to understand
the larger picture and see what the Templars/Masons actually built and why.
What are the ancient roots (cause-effect) and what's it all in aid of now?

In response to Sinclair's question: "Bro Bill: What ties Henry to the
carving?" (Westford Knight engraving.) I replied (off list) that I had no
physical history of a linkage. Emphasize "physical" linkage. I do, however
have a pile of non-physical linkage. This would make no sense at all to the
historian but that does not bother me at all. I am only looking for
something that makes sense to me within a larger cosmology. I realize that
my view of Henry's connection is totally off the wall in the context
preferred by most people so I remain quiet and low on the horizon. Amazingly
there are a dozen or so people that respect my views and I don't wish for
them to think that I don't connect Henry with the Knight-Stone, I do. I just
do not have facts that fit the thread of discussion which demands physical
evidence. To me that's an important distinction. Tim is an historian, I'm a
mystic, our reality frames of reference differ.


Frere William of Crestone,
Minister: Church of Antioch (Malabar Rite)

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