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RE: James & Mary Sinclair, Glasgow > St. Marys, Perth Co. Ont. > US

The parents of John Sinclair (Born: 1832 Ireland, Died: 1899 Thamesville,
Ontario),who was married to Mary Dickson, are:

David Sinclair & Mary Dickson

The information is from the following:

REFERENCE: Commemorative Biographical Record of the County of Kent, Ontario:
Containing Biographical Sketches of Prominent and Representative Citizens
of many of the Early Settled Families
By J. H. Beers & Co., Toronto, 1904
Page 762, Column 2

The following people are interested in the Sinclair & MacCallum lines:
Myra Kendrick Perala, of Portland, Orgeon [myra@aracnet.com]
Angus Sinclair [angsinc@oxford.net]
Laura M. Beyer [rbeyer@ncfcomm.com]
Jim Sinclair [sincbc@ctaz.com]
Dee [wil12minbid@aol.com]
Dia McCulloch [dialei@msn.com]
D. Montgomery [monteedee@aol.com]

The following are MacCallum websites:

Rexdale, Ontario

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Hello Listers and especially Angus,
I have recently rejoined  the list and here is my Sinclair genealogy:*

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