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Re: James & Mary Sinclair, Glasgow > St. Marys, Perth Co. Ont. > US

In "A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada Before Confederation"
(1867), by Donald Whyte,
there is this entry:
"Sinclair, Mary.  Possibly from Lanark.  To Ontario probably <1860.  located
Perth Co.  Married James Sinclair.  She was served heir special to her
cousin, Isabella Dickson, in Airdie, Lks, 17 June, 1863."

I recently read"A Sinclair Genealogy 1750-1950"
compiled by John F. Sinclair and Edwin M. Ross in 1950.  (obtainable through
the LDS, microfilm #0897331, item 3).  I urge you to order it, because it is
one of the best family histories I have ever come across.  I photocopied
some of the pages (just the summaries), but there are 43 pages altogether,
with a fairly complete family tree of the 4 Sinclairs who emigrated to
Section #1 - Descendants of Susan Sinclair and Malcolm MacCallum
Section #2 - Descendants of Duncan Sinclair and Mary Jean MacCallum
Section #3 - Descendants of Donald Sinclair and Margaret McCulloch
Section #4 - Descendants of Moses Snclair and Sarah MacCallum
(No, you are not imagining things - 3 of them married MacCallums, which was
also their mother's name!)

In the History of this family,it said that there was in 1750, a Lodgekeeper
for the Duke of Argyll at Invererrary Castle, named Peter Sinclair,whose
son, Donald married Mary McIntyre, or MacCallum, probably the latter, and
all their children were born in the lodge house.

According to family tradition, they had a daughter Catherine, and one other
child, who died in infancy.  Two sons, John and Angus, a daughter, and one
other child either remained in Scotland, or might have gone to Australia.
Four children came to Canada, first to St. Andrews East, Quebec, 1819, and
later to St. Mary's around 1839.  It is possible that their parents also
came to Canada.

Im sure you will enjoy reading this,
Toni Sinclair
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>Hello Listers and especially Angus,
>I have recently rejoined  the list and here is my Sinclair genealogy:*
>    Angus you are the only one who has mentioned Donald Sinclair and Mary

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