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Re: For Glen Cook, demise of the Templars???

John wrote  "Curious how the current Vatican still recognizes that Bull as
having done just that"

The Vatican does not recognise it since  Cum ex Apostolatus
officio,published by  Pope Paul VI (reigned 1963-1978). He declared "by the
plenitude of papal power" that all of the acts of heretical popes were null
and void. "

The excommunication would not be  Ex post facto. The excommunication would
be instant and automatic at the time of the heresy. As a heretic, by Cannon
Law no act could be valid from the time of the heresy.

Regardez  Pope Formosa a Ninth-Century pope. He made many enemies as pope.
Formosa's successor Pope Stephen VII declared he was guilty of perjury and a
heretic and ought to be tried by the church. Pope Formosa had died and was
lying in his grave.  His body was disinterred, and his old vestments were
draped over his body. He was defended at his trial, called the "Cadaver
Synod," by a deacon.. "Guilty!" was the verdict. The Church fathers had the
former Pope Formosa's corpse was stripped, the three fingers of benediction
on the right hand were hacked off, and the remains thrown to the mob
outside, who dragged it through the streets and threw it into the Tiber.
Fishermen gave it a descent burial. Pope Stephen VII then declared all of
Formosa's ordinations invalid, creating a most serious problem.

A noted catholic historian wrote;
..the Catholic Church [developed] an hostile and suspicious attitude towards
the principles of political, intellectual, and religious freedom and
independence of judgment ... [so that the] ideal of the Church [became] an
universal empire ... of force and oppression, where the spiritual
suppressing every movement it dislikes.

"... we could not, therefore, avoid bringing forward ... a very dark side of
the history of the Papacy" J.H. Kgnaz von Dollinger, The Pope and the
Council, London, 1869.


> Curious how the current Vatican still recognizes that Bull as having
> done just that....
> Ex post facto excommunication doesn't change the fact that a pope in
> was a pope when he was in office, and thereby had administrative powers.
> Still looking forward to your translation of the Papal Bull Ad ea ex
> John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>