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Re: Scottish Gold

Have a curling team!! Scots invented  curling. The only setback was from the
16th and 20th centuries when Scotland warmed.  The lochs seldom froze. The
climate change was hard on curlers, who played outdoors on natural ice.
Artificial ice rinks in the last century brought back curling's popularity.
The "mother club" of curlers worldwide is the Royal Caledonian Curling Club.

First written record the notary John McQuhin recorded a challenge about
throwing stones across the ice between a monk at Paisley Abbey and a
relative of the abbot in February 1541. By 1638 curling was considered, with
golf and archery to be a usual recreational pastime.


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> Boy, was I relieved to find that Scotland did in fact have a curling team
and that they actually won the gold.  My husband has found my interest in
the sport extremely amusing, especially since before now I thought it was a
Canadian sport played with brooms by those not talented in hockey. Seriously
though, why no Scotland presence in curling? Also another question occured

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