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Re: Scottish Gold

Boy, was I relieved to find that Scotland did in fact have a curling team and that they actually won the gold.  My husband has found my interest in the sport extremely amusing, especially since before now I thought it was a Canadian sport played with brooms by those not talented in hockey. Seriously though, why no Scotland presence in curling? Also another question occured to me some time ago(before my devotion to curling overtook my good sense) do youthink that it may be possible that the famed Southern hospitality is a byproduct of so many of our ancestors coming over from Scotland? I always am happy to exhibit that not all of the StClairs are academics or even tht brightest porch light on the block but by golly we do laugh at ourselves and that may be a bigger gift than any other.Congratulations to the Canadian branch on the women's hockey triumph yesterday. It was well deserved and if any of you would like to arrest the referee I'll join you. At least she didn't affect the outcome of the game and may have saved the U.S. from a worse fate but all are wonderful young women and no matter what color the medal is noone who loves the sport cares al long as the games are well fought and fair.  Enough!!Best to all, Charlotte Gellis