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Re: Change of tack - TWINS anyone?

The Beatrix Sinclair in the line of our 'enry was a twin. Her sister was

Sir John Stewart, of Balveny 1st Earl of Atholl   Born circa 1440 Died 19
September 1512 Laighwood who Married before 18 April 1475  Lady Eleanor
Sinclair   Died 21 March 1518 and . William Sinclair  3rd Earl of Orkney,
Earl of Caithness  Born circa 1404  Died circa 1480 who Married before 15
November 1456 Marjory Sutherland and of course Henry Sinclair 1st Earl of
Orkney, Lord of Rosslyn    Born circa 1345   Died circa 1400 ? Married (1)
Florentia  Married (2) Jean Halyburton, daughter of Sir John (Walter?)
Halyburton, of Dirleton  whose daughter? Beatrix Sinclair who Died before 8
February 1463 (in England ?)  apparently married James Douglas  7th Earl of
Douglas   Died 24 March 1443 Married before 7 March 1426  and Beatrix
Sinclair's first cousin  John de Holand  Duke of Exeter, Earl of Huntingdon
who was  Born 29 March 1395 Dartington, Devon   Died 5 August 1447  and is
Buried St.Catherine's Tower of London   Married (1) before 15 July 1427
Anne Stafford, daughter of Edmund de Stafford, 6th Baron & 5th Earl of
Stafford and Anne of Gloucester  who Died 20 September 1432  and also
Married (2) 20 January 1433 Beatrice (Brites) of Portugal, daughter of Joao
I, King of   Portugal 1385-1433 and Inez Perez Estevez  who was  Born circa
1386  Died 23 October 1439 Bordeaux  she is Buried at Arundel  he then
Married (3) Lady Anne Montagu, daughter of John de Montagu,  3rd Earl of
Salisbury and Maud Francis   Died 28 November 1457  and is    Buried Tower
of London  and who occasionally caught a head cold in the winter.

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> Twins are from the women's side..Men decide if the children are boys or
> girls...
> as always.
> judy

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