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Re: Romney

Thanks, then Romney would fit the bill as a natural born American?

How do the Biblical names, Melchizedek, Aaronic and Elder  come in the
Mormon practice   Thier is a sovereign nation called the Dominion of
Melchizedek North of the Marshall Islands.

The Government states "The Dominion of Melchizedek (mal-khay-zed'-ek) is a
worldwide ecclesiastical and constitutional state. The Dominion of
Melchizedek epitomizes the post-modern state.

2) Activities:
The Dominion's activities are 1) governmental, 2) spiritual, 3) political,
4) educational, and 5) humanitarian.

3) Sovereignty:
DOM enjoys sovereign rights over Taongi in the North Pacific and Solkope in
the South Pacific.  Historically, Melchizedek's eternal sovereignty is
referred to throughout Hebrew and Christian Holy Writ. According to Genesis
14, Psalms 110 and Hebrews 7, Melchizedek, was the righteous king of peace
and history's first monotheistic teacher of the Most High God.
Melchizedekians teach that all monotheistic religions spring from the
blessing Melchizedek bestowed upon Old Testament Abraham. "


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