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Re: For Glen Cook, demise of the Templars???

Dear List,

Research never proves anything.

  One of the earliest things I learnt at University - it only supports a 
Hypothesis. That is how I see all the wrangling about the Templars, about 
Prince Henry (was he - wasn't he - a Prince). It may disprove a fallacious 
argument, but still if other people believe it - very hard to get rid of it.

The Catholic Encyclopaedia will support the Catholic Position. If there was 
a Presbyterian Encyclopaedia ( and there may well be - I don't know) will 
support the Presbyterian position and so on.

Wrangling over the Templars and their habits is interesting but also time 

Any thing else on the agenda?

Regards to all
>So, let's see, on the one hand, you assert:
> >1) the original order was, under papal, orders, supressed and disibanded and
> >its surviving members pensioned off.
>And on the other hand you refuse to accept evidence from the same
>organization that suppressed the Templars as to what that organization
>did with the remnants of the order in Portugal and Aragon.
>If the papal bull blessing the Knights of Christ in Portugal is not

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