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Australia on the agenda.

In Australia there something new on the agenda.  New research has come to
light showing Tasmania to be the true centre of revived Christian Orders.

His Eminence, Prince John, The Grand Duke of Avram, The Cardinal Archbishop,
The Grand Master is available at PO Box 628, Sorell, Tasmania, 7172. Phone:
61 3 62651007         Fax:  61 3 62651007

His Grace, The Most Noble, The Duke of Avram was also an elected Member for
Lyons in the Parliament of Tasmania.

This Australian claims to be the true successor to everybody and everything.
He is the Grand Master of: THE ORDER of THE SACRED SWORD and LANCE

their statement "The Order has a non-continuous career. It's origin is said
to date from the time and celebrate when a priest Peter Barthelemy was said
to have been visited by the Holy apostle St. Andrew who in a vision is said
to have taken him to the Church of St. Peter in Antioch. This was then a
Saracen Mosque. It is said that St. Peter told the priest to dig before the
Alter and there he would find a Sword and the very Lance that had pierced
the side of Christ whence had flowed the salvation of the world. He was told
to deliver the Sword and Lance to Count Raymond and he would recover
Antioch. Peter told his superiors of the vision. A hole was dug in front of
the altar and a Sword and Lance were found there. Peter in his vision was
told to deliver them to Count Raymond and he would recover Antioch. History
informs us that this did happen and the Order was consecrated to perpetuate
the memory of that great event. Count Toulouse as a reward carried it at the
head of the Crusaders army in 1098.
Only Christians who accept the Statutes of The Order can be admitted."

The only other requirement is a wadge of dosh.

How many other Orders have a non-continuous existence?


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