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Re: For Glen Cook, demise of the Templars???

Dear John,

May I suggest you read the evidence accepted at the trial of the Templars.
If you accept the RC encyclopaedia as a valid historical source rather than
as propaganda, then what of the evidence at the trial?

Was it even remotely likely that any pope would allow the continuence of an
order whose members had admitted homsexuality; spitting on the coss;profane
kisses on initiation; veneration of Baphomet and denial of Christ? All
evidence has to be examined with discernment.

Accusing me of not offereing evidence when the source you quote in support
of a continuation is of such dubious origins, is hardly reasonable or just

Have I not repeatedly asked, begged and pleaded for independant, verifiable
evidence for the continuing existence of the order? Has anything other than
the so-called Charter of Larmenius or blatent modern Catholic propaganda
been offered? Frankly no.

To compare Papal Bulls and Encyclicals with a propagandist encylopaedia
carrying the Imprimatur of the Church as a suitable vehicle for instruction
in the faith, is like comparing the UN charter with Mein Kampf.

Best wishes