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RE: For Glen Cook, demise of the Templars???

Tim and all,

Yes, the argument is circular of sorts, but I make the point, that what I
want to express is the likely feeling of the Templars themselves and not
what we as observers centuries later attempt to fit them our pre-conceived

In fact; I don't think the 'Order' did continue.
Not as an Order anyway!  (Note: The Knights of Christ are the exceotion

Having said that, I want to explore the desires of the Templars themselves.
And this is purely an emotive argument.  And I make no apology fo this.
The debate so far, has been argued on the basis of what hard evidence we
have to support they did or did not continue to exist.

If you were a Templar, would you endeavour to continue?  Yes, if posssible.
How would it be possible to do so?
Revert to the Order's modes of orperation back at inception.
So that local Templar men networked unseen in closed local cells.
(This is a proposition: no incontrovertable proof can be brought to evidence
But the rationale of this, seems neglected in the current debate.

What I suspect is that, the men within the order, would continue in some
Though as you say, not as the 'High & Mighty Power' that they were.
So yes they Official order changed or died...

But, then I touched upon the idea that the Order itself had changed
considerably from its inception to its height of power.
As the order had a history of changing and expanding, creating a massive
network of infrastructure with unique Rights throughout the Christain

Then the order could 'theoretically' and continued, merely by changing
So that it may have continued as a far more restricted, yet still vital
organisation or plethora of cell organisations.


All of the above seems to me as unlikely as it is likely.
I don't care if they did or did not continue.
I merely asked if they wanted to continue, how would they?