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Re: Charter of Larmenius

"Tim Wallace-Murphy" <tim@templartim.freeserve.co.uk> writes.

"....the authenticity or forgery of the so-called 'Charter of
Transmission of Larmenius' could easily be established by a
combination of carbon dating techniques and spectrographic analysis of
the ink on the document. ......
I am prepared to initiate a fund to finance the considerable costs of
this proceedure.  .....Comments only are invited at this stage.If
support for such an invetigation is apparent, then I will proceed

I fully support Tim's proposal to initiate a fund to finance these
tests as it is my understanding that the results of these kinds of
tests have been found to be  reliable in similar circumstances.   In
light of Tim indicating that there would be "considerable costs," my
only question would be whether, from a cost point of view, the tests
are doable.