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Re: Charter of Larmenius

Dear friends,

Thanks to the blessings of modern science, the authenticity or forgery of
the so-called 'Charter of Transmission of Larmenius' could easily be
established by a combination of carbon dating techniques and spectrographic
analysis of the ink on the document. The present owners, namely Grand Lodge
of England, would be as interested in the truth of the matter as anyone else
as a true fourteenth century document or as a later forgery, it would remain
a fascinating artefact. I am sure their permission for such tests, properly
conducted by Universities of repute, would be readily granted

I am prepared to initiate a fund to finance the considerable costs of this
proceedure. My personal contribution would, of course, be small and
commensurate with my means, but contributions could be invited from all
ineterested parties such as Templar research groups, individual historians,
Universiti#y History Departments, concerned inividuals, modern Templar
Orders and such interested parties as the authors Chris Knight, Bob Lomas,
Lyn Picknet and Clive Prince.

It would be almost as intiguing to see who, especially among the supporters
of the Charter's alleged authenticity, would contribute to such an endevour,
as it would be to etsablish the truth of the matter.

Comments only are invited at this stage.If support for such an invetigation
is apparent, then I will proceed further.

Truth will out, one way or another.

Best wishes