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Re: Fw: demise of the Templars???

On 2 December 1999 I posted a complete list of the so called Grandmasters
from  Mackey's Lexicon of Freemasonry.  I also cited The Knights Templars &
The Complete History of the Masonic Knighthood. .  Wallace-Murphy replied
with Peter Partner, (The Knights Templar and their Myth - Oxford University
Press 1981) who claims the document was forged by Dr. Ladru in the late
seventeenth, early eighteenth century. John Robinson (The Lost Secrets of
Freemasonry - Born in Blood - Century 1990) who states that it is now proven
to be a blatant forgery. Baigent and Leigh (The Temple and the Lodge -
Jonathan Cape 1989) who are non-committal. Lastly, Knight and Lomas on the
one hand and Picknet on Prince on the other, who both simply assume its
veracity asit is used to support the central themes of their works, namely
The Second Messiah (K & L) and The Templar Revelation ( P & P).

 the Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches Templieres Boite Postale 42 11260
Esperaza France
Tel. no. 04 68 74 01 30 almost burst out laughing were questioned about the

I ate humble pie.  The Latin is bad, the French worse, the ciphers silly.


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> >    I have been advised off-list that my earlier statement about the
> >origin of the burial stone (see below) is incorrect.  The burial stone
> >was found in recent times on the grounds of the castle and sometime
> >later it was mounted for display in the Chapel.  The stone that
> >"adorned" the gateway into the Chapel grounds is in safekeeping in

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