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demise of the Templars???

srstclair@alltel.net writes:

> Glen,
> I tried to e-mail you a link directly to your address, and it came back
> twice. I am going to copy the message which came back, and give the URL
> without sending the link and maybe it will work.

GAC: Well, probably that darn aol.  It should be cookslc@aol.com.  The spam 
folks sure seem to be able to get it to work.  

> srstclair@alltel.net:
> You asked me to relay evidence of the existance and continuance of the
> Templars. Several books have been written which lay out overwhelming
> evidence, in my opinion, that indeed the Templars survived the suppression
> of Pope Philippe and Pope Clement V in 1312. Among these as "Holy Blood,
> Holy Grail", 1983 by Baigent, Leight, and Lincoln (Some contents plausable,
> some not), and "The first Freemasons" by Stevenson (I have not read this
> one).  Several organizations claim to be the true Templars today. The
> hardest evidence to ignore, however, is found in this website, and its
> linked pages. Seeing the individuals involved. It seems that they are
> planning on being a viable force in the future formation of world policies.
> Let me know what you think. Off list if you wish. I hope I can get through

[ Excess quotations omitted. ]

GAC: Thank you for the sources.  They do, indeed, refer to some evidence, but 
are not evidence themselves, but a commentary upon such.  As you note, Holy 
Blood, Holy Grail is not viewed as a credible source.  I would suggest it is 
best viewed as supposition supported by conjecture but buttressed by flights 
of fancy.  

I am aware of no credible scholar or evidence which establishes either 
continuation of the Templars or, the sub argument, origination of the Masonic 
fraternity in the Templars.  It is a fun theory and there are some facts 
which would support both these theories, but that's about as far as I have 
seen even a scholarly work take it.  

As to the information in the link, I was unable to get that link to work, but 
am familiar w/ a number of the pseudo-Templar organizations (new ones do seem 
to pop up).  

A useful summary on revived Templar organizations is Guy Stair Sainty's site: 


with which I hope you have better luck linking to than we seem to be having 
so far.