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Re: For Glen Cook, demise of the Templars???

>I tried to e-mail you a link directly to your address, and it came back
>twice. I am going to copy the message which came back, and give the URL
>without sending the link and maybe it will work.
>You asked me to relay evidence of the existance and continuance of the
>Templars. Several books have been written which lay out overwhelming
>evidence, in my opinion, that indeed the Templars survived the suppression
>of Pope Philippe and Pope Clement V in 1312. Among these as "Holy Blood,
>Holy Grail", 1983 by Baigent, Leight, and Lincoln (Some contents plausable,
>some not), and "The first Freemasons" by Stevenson (I have not read this

That's one book that needs to be read with a few grains of salt,
and another book you haven't read.

Which other books would you recommend?

>  Several organizations claim to be the true Templars today. The
>hardest evidence to ignore, however, is found in this website, and its
>linked pages. Seeing the individuals involved. It seems that they are
>planning on being a viable force in the future formation of world policies.
>Let me know what you think. Off list if you wish. I hope I can get through
>to your address.
>Please type in the URL to access the link, as I am having trouble with
>getting the link forwarded to you.

Presumably you mean:


(Note only one letter d.)

That group says it depends on the transmission of Larmenius,


so its claims would seem to depend on the validity of that document.

Nice web pages, though.


John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>