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Re: For Glen Cook, demise of the Templars???

Dear Stanley

I assume you mean to type the King of the French, Philippe le Bel and the
mindless vacillating politician, Pope Clement V. I can not access the URL
even with cut and paste.

If the Templars had survived would not they have remained a religious order?
Would they not be bound to the vows? If they accepted part and not the whole
cloth of the religious order would that not de-Templarise them? I do not
even know is Templarise is a word.

In "The New Knighthood"  Malcolm Barber claim that a German priest
travailing in the mountains near Jerusalem encountered two Templars who had
been living, with wives and children.  Barber claims that the encounter took
place in 1340. The two Knights had been captured in 1291 and were cut off
from the Latin Kingdom.  He further states that were repatriated to Rome
where the papal court gave them a life pension. What happened to the vows
they took;  Poverty, Chastity and Obedience?  Taking a vow is like taking
your soul in your hands.  If you open your fingers, like water the soul
dissipates. All your wit and all your tears can not put the spilt water back
in your hands.

Tomas Paine in 1818 AD published an essay in which he stated; "It is always
understood that Free-Masons have a secret which they carefully conceal; but
from every thing that can be collected from their own accounts of Masonry,
their real secret is no other than their origin, which but few of them
understand; and those who do, envelope it in mystery"

Paine viewed Masonic practice as a new religion.

Paine stated that Masons claim some connection with Egypt in their origins
other claim 3500 years ago in Wales even the Druids get into the act are any
of these is that correct?  If it is true, were the Templars Masons? What is
the real origin of Freemasonry?

Charter of Transmission of Larmenius, I took seriously in it's translated
form.  Wallace-Murphy directed me to the original.  After viewing the
original in London I wondered how anyone could have taken it seriously.  The
French is a strange mix between modern and ancient with a few middle French
words thrown in. The grammar is that of a peculiar sort of French Canadian.
I felt that I had been duped.