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Saturday's digest

For Tim Wallace-Murphy I am overjoyed that your new research/study site
is opening soon.  I look forward to seeing the website open and

On the idea that Norway could take back Orkney and Shetland -  Henry was
alloted the land as a fief to King Haakon and nothing more?  But then
James III, took the islands as a dowry?  Or was that about the time the
Sinclairs were in debt and lost their lands to the King - in this case
James III?  Or was it that the Campbells who were supposed to be the
holders of the debt took over the land? Later another Sinclair was able
to get his lands back, in this case, Caithness only?  Then there is the
part of family history, that the Sinclairs had Roslyn, but were also in
Haddington/East Lothian and some of Midlothian and in Fife?  As you see,
my family history is confused. Leaving Caithness land out of the
equation - and the fact that there are three Sinclairs on the Ragman
Roll in East Berwick, what sort of timeframe did the family come to
Fife, Haddington and Midlothian?

On Sinclairs in Sinclair Land - and Edinburgh history - thank you for
the information on another piece of 'ancient' history of the city.  I
will certainly ask about it. Don't suppose you remember which pub in the