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Re: 5 more proofs and more

My real knowledge is  knowing the extent of my ignorance. I should have
searched John's site first for the Zeno map. Unfortunately I am unable to
read John's references 960915, Prince Henry commissioned Antonio and Nicolo
Zeno, the brothers of Carlo Zeno "the Lion" of Venice, to draw a map of the
north Atlantic region.
970330, most accurate?, 970501, shows Prince Henry's settlement?, 970925,
Dr. Andrew Sinclair, historian and author, says more about Antonio and
Nicolo Zeno., 971203, Mark Finnan, a Canadian writer and broadcaster, calls
the map "crude". ,970925, Niven Sinclair on the accuracy of the Zeno Map.,
971203, Niven Sinclair on the accuracy of the Zeno Map. .980118, Pete
Cummings, FAQ.  They all come up as page not found.

Certain conclusions are inevitable from all the discussions and questions
that are flying about.  I have made some leaps of faith to try to piece this
story together.

Henry was not a 'Prince' as moderns recognise prince.
Henry was not Duke of Oldenburg.
Henry was Earl (Jarl) of Orkney.
Henry was not Baron of Rosslyn.
Henry was Lord of Rosslyn.
Henry was not a Templar. The order dies with de Molay.
Henry went to America, perhaps more than once. The question hangs why?
Where and when Henry died can not be established.
Zeno is unclear and unreliable.
The Zeno map has no reason to think that it was commissioned by Henry.
Henry may or may not have been the man mentioned by the Zenos.
The 5 more proofs are not 'Proofs' many of them are indications that lead on
a preponderance of evidence to conclude that at least part of the Henry
story is true.
Citing the Ian F. Brown article as one 'Proof' using Joe Erkes scoring
system I reject  in its absurdity.
The words;  "If ever there was a man who was worthy of immortal memory, it
is this man, for his great bravery and goodness" are only the florid writing
style of 16th century Venice.
The Westford knight's jury is still out.
The Newport Tower by the confusing Carbon dating can not be, at this time
attributed to anyone with certainty.

If we wish to share the reflective glory of our real or imagined ancestors
William, builder of Rosslyn, protector of the weak and disposed, would be
the man to most remember.


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> >I have finally found the "Zeno Map".
> Was it lost?
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