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Zeno Map

In 1398, [Arms of Prince Henry Sinclair as Earl of Orkney] Prince Henry Sinclair sailed from Orkney to the New World. His Italian navigator, Nicolo Zeno, recorded the voyage. Nicolo's descendants published a map with the remains of those chronicles. This Zeno Map has long been a subject of historical scholarship.

The Zeno Map itself, as found on the web by <>:

Copies of the map and detail from it appear in the book Prince Henry Sinclair, by Frederick J. Pohl. This map is mentioned in many of the books about the early Sinclairs. Pete Cummings has produced a book of proceedings of a recent symposium in New Hampshire that also touches on this topic.
Here are pointers to all significant mentions in 600th Celebration News of the Zeno Map.
  • 960915, Prince Henry commissioned Antonio and Nicolo Zeno, the brothers of Carlo Zeno "the Lion" of Venice, to draw a map of the north Atlantic region.
  • 970330, most accurate?
  • 970501, shows Prince Henry's settlement?
  • 970925, Dr. Andrew Sinclair, historian and author, says more about Antonio and Nicolo Zeno.
  • 971203, Mark Finnan, a Canadian writer and broadcaster, calls the map "crude".
  • 970925, Niven Sinclair on the accuracy of the Zeno Map.
  • 971203, Niven Sinclair on the accuracy of the Zeno Map.
  • 980118, Pete Cummings, FAQ.

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