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Re: 5 more proofs and more

>My real knowledge is  knowing the extent of my ignorance.

Look who thinks he's ignorant!
No, dear cousin, I am far more ignorant than thee....

> I should have
>searched John's site first for the Zeno map. Unfortunately I am unable to
>read John's references 960915,

Those are all dates, which refer to issues of Pete Cummings' 600th Celebration
News, as it says at the top of that sidebar.  Indeed, those links got
broken when I moved that page some months ago.  I have now fixed them.

Those links now lead to the arguments Pete used.  Feel free to debate them.

Apparently like Laurel, when I assisted Pete in posting those newsletters,
I assumed there were references and resolved debates behind the assertions
made in them.  Maybe there were.  If so, I hope they all turn up soon.
If not, then I guess we'll just have to continue working it out again.

At some point when more of this is shaken out, I will get around to
updating the parts of the web pages that I wrote on this subject,
which are for the most part merely summaries of what Pete said.
The 600th Celebration News will stay as is, since that's what Pete
wrote, correct or not.  Ditto for attributed messages from other

I do hope that at some point some part of Clan Sinclair will produce
an updated summary of all the arguments and current hypothesis, along
with whatever consensus there may be at that time.  I suspect that time
may take a while to come.  When it does, I'll simply link to that summary
and to whatever other ones seem appropriate at the time.


PS: I do hope "florid writing style" isn't enough to disqualify any passage,
because if it is we're all sunk. :-)


>Henry went to America, perhaps more than once. The question hangs why?

To get to the other side.  Somewhat more seriously, I'd settle for more
solid proofs that he did, although it would be quite interesting to know why.


>Henry may or may not have been the man mentioned by the Zenos.

Now that is one of the more fascinating questions, to me at least.
And the most likely proof seems to be in showing that the Zeno narrative
matches other evidence about a voyage of Henry Sinclair to the new world.
Pohl tried to do that.  Can anyone complete what he started?


>If we wish to share the reflective glory of our real or imagined ancestors
>William, builder of Rosslyn, protector of the weak and disposed, would be
>the man to most remember.

There are many such choices in Sinclair history.


John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>