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Re: The Zeno/St Clair 14th century voyages to America

Am I wrong when I discern from Root's prompt repsonse that he prefers to use
invective Rather than reasoned debate? Also, if I am such a poor public
speake, as he has so often asserted with such ecrtainty, then why does he
not respond to the challenge? Surely he cannot have it both ways?

If my argument is that 'threadbare' then surely the wise and discerning
Henry Root could refute it with compartaive ease. With his superb memory he
should be able to accomplish that with comparitive ease.

It is always easy to criticise those who spend time and effort on reasearch
and who put their work up for public evaluation, it is a far more difficult
task to face them with a counter-argument. Mr Root's obviosly believes in
the age old adage of 'shoot the mesenger' rather than refute the argument. I
am not sure whether or not he has earned my pity or my contempt.

Others who I have debated with on this list over the lsat few years hav at
least had the courage to state their convictions and the reasoning by which
they arrived at them. Sadly,  I cannot question those qualities in Mr Root's
arguments as he has signally failed to demonstrate either his position or
the factual trail that led to it.

Best wishes


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