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Re: Prince Henry & The PHSSofNA

Cause for the Case, is well delivered Neil, 
I am pleased to hear that he is still, "Prince Henry StClair" in the eyes of your organization.
Because one or two people refuses to accept the case that Henry was called Prince, even though evidence has been submitted, supporting this from a creditable source, it does not necessarily mean that those contesting it, are wrong to contest it.
What one should do in my opinion, is first, analyse the reasons why they are contesting, then have a look at where they have obtained there knowledge base, for contesting.

Some people, are just out to have a debate on the subject, because of its interest to Sinclairs.
Some people, are just out to attempt to prove how smart they believe they are, irrespective, of credible background knowledge.

2.Knowledge Base.
It appears that most people, without mentioning them in particular, who have attempted to find a solution to the question of, "Why was Henry called Prince" have been out-shouted by the Doubting Thomas's, who will not accept any answer but there own, nobody knows where there knowledge base came from, it could have come from a comic book, who knows.

For the true Sinclairs who wanted to believe, It would appear that the answer was there all along, even before we went to the Lord Lyons Office, in a book, recently purchased by the Study Centre, are the answers to that question, the book is called, RECORDS OF THE EARLDOM OF ORKNEY, 1299-1614.
I have no doubt, he was Prince Henry StClair, even the Earl of Ross was a Prince, I wonder if the red faces will apologise to the list, I doubt it.
If anyone requires any photocopies of the appropriate proof, I will be pleased to oblige, stamped addressed envelope please, 10, A4 pages.

Yours Aye 
Ian of Noss

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