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Re: Historical Accuracy - Firefighter Statue & Jarl Henry Memorial

Thanks for your diligence.
I took no offense in what you said and I think the tone of your comment was 
right on. 

You may be right, there are probably several people that signed up and said 
nothing.  If some are like me, they have so little time to read and write 
email that they haven't gotten to it yet.  There may be some other 
individuals that talk a good game and then do nothing.
I got the information at work and emailed it home so I could get the petition 
posted that night.
As far a the statue goes-I just found the following site with a January 16 & 
17 articles about the statue


In summary-the statue has been planned, the model was revealed without prior 
approval and the owner of the picture is going to file an injunction to stop 
the altered image. 

John S
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