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Re: Historical Accuracy - Firefighter Statue & Jarl Henry Memorial


Thanks so much for responding. The picture they have been showing previously
is a model. I am almost positive the statue is not done. It is my
understanding that it will take some months to complete. If you get on board
by signing the petition, it may be of help.

I agree about previous historical accuracy. There is a lot of publicity now
to the fact the holicaust was OH, TOO REAL! What a travesty that this
ungodly slaughter of innocents could occur in the 20th century.

American history has all been slanted toward the authors to accelerate their
own causes. Any sincere researcher appreciates anyone who is concerned with
accuracy. In ancient days when records were destroyed or burned, accuracy is
more obscured by ledgend or stories passed down through the generations. But
there is no excuse for hiding the truth when it is obvious.

Thanks again for your response,

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>I think it is to late. As usual they tell you about things after they are
>I saw film clip of the statue over the weekend and it looked done to me.
>As for historical accuracy, they are changing it all over. Look at one of

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