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Sorry for using this list to try to reach Joe Erks.  The Lord Privy Seal
(Lord Williams of Mostyn): made a statement about 11 September that would be
of great interest to Joe, I think.

He said among other things "Let us unite too with the vast majority of
decent people throughout the world in sending our condolences to the
government and the people of America. They are our friends and allies. We
the British are a people who stand by our friends in time of need, trial and
tragedy and we do so without hesitation now". .....

"First, we must bring to justice those responsible. Rightly, President Bush
and the United States Government have proceeded with care. They did not lash
out; they did not strike first and think afterwards. Their very deliberation
is a measure of the seriousness of their intent. They, together with allies,
will want to identify with care those responsible. This is a judgment that
must and will be based on hard evidence."......

"Civil liberties are a vital part of our country and of our world. But the
most basic liberty of all is the right of ordinary citizens to go about
their business free from fear or terror. That liberty has been denied in the
cruellest way imaginable to the passengers aboard the hijacked planes, to
those who perished in the trade towers and the Pentagon, and to the hundreds
of rescue workers killed as they tried to help."..."Those beliefs are the
foundation of our civilised world. They are enduring; they have served us
well. History has shown that we have been prepared to fight, when necessary,
to defend them. But the fanatics should know that we hold those beliefs as
strongly as they hold theirs. Now is the time to show it".


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